Arman Tatoyan. The Tegh community and the roads of Armenia are under the Azerbaijani armed target

  • by Western Armenia, May 22, 2023 in Society

Facebook post by Arman Tatoyan, former Ombudsman, Director of the Center for Law and Justice of “Tatoyan” Foundation

The results of our last work to establish the facts in Tegh, Aravus, Kornidzor villages of Tegh community of Syunik region: Azerbaijani criminal incursions into the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Armenian settlements and roads are under armed target of Baku authorities, the M12 interstate highway (Goris-Artsakh) is blocked.

During the visit we fixed on the spot that the illegal presence of Azerbaijani armed forces made normal, safe life of people impossible, people cannot use their pastures and croplands legally.

Even houses of civilians, land plots, a school and a kindergarten are being targeted by Azerbaijan.

The anti-Armenian and hostile policy of the Baku authorities, the patronage and impunity of their armed servants’ crimes against our people, confirmed by evidence, continues.

Officers of the Armed Forces  of the Republic of Armenia and Border Guard Troops directly protect civilians from the criminal actions of Azerbaijan.