Armenia will become a full member of the ICC from February 1

  • by Western Armenia, November 17, 2023 in Society

Eastern Armenia has officially submitted its application for membership to the International Criminal Court and will become a member in February. According to, it was the Hague court which announced it. “For Armenia, the Rome Statute will enter into force on February 1, 2024. Armenia will become the 124th State Party to the Rome Statute and the 19th State of the Eastern European Group,” the statement said.

Recall that the National Assembly of Eastern Armenia ratified the Rome Statute of the ICC on October 3, explaining this by the fact that Yerevan, in its new status, will be able to raise the question of aggression before the Court and Baku's war crimes against Armenia. Moscow criticized Yerevan's official decision. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that this would have the most negative consequences for bilateral relations, because "Armenian partners were informed from the beginning of the position that Armenia's ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC is unacceptable in the conditions in which this structure gave the mandate for the arrest of "Russia's highest leaders."