Armenian folk craftsman Armen Vardapetyan will present to the public the history and culture of Cilicia through jewelry

  • by Western Armenia, March 11, 2023 in Society

The exhibition entitled "Cilicia" by the jeweler, artist, sculptor Armen Vardapetyan includes more than 50 works: silver jewelry, sculptures, drawings. Curiosity lovers can get acquainted with unique and original works by visiting the Yerevan History Museum until April 7. 

In a conversation with the correspondent of "Armenpress", Vardapetyan said that he created the collection, inspired by the works of miniature painters of the Cilician school, Toros Roslin and Sargis Pitsak.

One of the goals of the "Cilicia" collection is to speak about Cilicia. Armenian art and culture developed during this period, but little has been preserved due to invasions and wars. The jewelry is no exception. The jewelry was cast in time and taxes were paid," the artist says.

Western Armenia considers this initiative important, because today more than ever it is important to show the art and culture of Cilicia, proving once again the Armenianness and the rights of the Armenians of this region.