Armenian identity

  • by Western Armenia, November 25, 2023 in Society

National values

The brilliance of the people is the values he created. Armenians have preserved not only their traditions, but also their identity, culture, religion and language, regardless of many differences. And for centuries, they knew how to transmit everything that we call national value. The invention of writing played an important role in preserving national values. Long before 405, Armenians already had their own alphabet, which became one of the most important national values ​​of Armenians. In Europe, only the Armenians and Georgians had their own script, the other nations wrote using either the Latin alphabet or the Cyrillic alphabet. It was through the creation of writings that the preservation of Armenian language and culture became valuable. Armenians have also perpetuated their cultural values on the Armenian carpet. Carpets were made in almost all provinces of historic Armenia. Marco Polo, a famous 13th century traveler, reported after his trip to Little Hayk that the Armenians and Greeks made the most beautiful and refined carpets.

In the list of national values, the national costume, the costume, occupies a unique place. It expresses the thoughts of the people. It has not only expressed our identity, but has also been one of the forces that preserve that identity, having a centuries-old history and being as rich and diverse as our polyglot language. Regarding national clothing, national songs and dances should also be highlighted among national values. National dance is perhaps the most unique and distinctive cultural element of the nation, which is an integral part of daily life and celebrations. It is an important expression of the characteristics, lifestyle and level of civilization of individuals.

This list of the nation's values can be continued endlessly, because the national values of Armenians are history and the past, beliefs, numerous material and intangible cultural heritages dating back thousands of years.