Armenian Identity

  • by Western Armenia, March 14, 2024 in Society

Paying attention to the historical and cultural data about Hamshensi, it can be said that Christian and Muslim Hamshensi have the same historical roots, the same traditions and speak the same language.

Their main difference is religious difference.

Despite the religious differences, the common historical and cultural basis did not prevent the development of cultural ties. For this reason, these groups should be classified as Muslim Hamshensi Armenians and Kistonian Hamshensi Armenians.

There are different perceptions of the relative identity of the two groups.

The Armenians of Christian Hamshens are much closer to the Armenian identity than the Hamshens identity, while the Armenians of Muslim Hamshens are mostly defined by the Hamshens identity.

 Hamshenism is ethnic rather than geographic.

Hamshenism has acquired the meaning of ethnicity among the Muslim Hamshens Armenians and after Islamization, they have separated themselves from the Kistonian Hamshens Armenians, but at the same time it has also put a space between Hamshenism and Laz and Turkish identities.

The situation, which was not a visible problem in the system of Ottoman millets, began to turn into a problem in the republican region.

As a result of the assimilation policy based on the ideology of one language, one nation, one state of the Republic of Hamshensi, there is a desire to link the Hamshensi identity to the Turkish identity.

For this reason, we should not forget that the perceptions of Turkish Hamshens about their own identity were formed in a political atmosphere that makes them homogenous and does not accept differences.

The theses that connect Hamshenism with Turkish identity have not historical, scientific, but ideological foundations.

This is evidenced by the works of local and foreign researchers who conduct research independent of the official Turkish ideology.

In addition, the above-mentioned documents show that the state also has various information and views on this matter, which do not fit into the framework of the official ideology.