Armenians of Javakhk support Artsakh by saying “Artsakh, we stand by you”

  • by Western Armenia, March 24, 2023 in Society

In the city of Akhalkalak in Javakhk, members of the "Zori Zoryan" organization and the Javakhk youth organization organized a march in support of the Armenians of Artsakh origin. According to information, the members of the "Zori Zoryan" union also sent a letter to the Armenian deputy of the National Assembly of Georgia, Samvel Manukyan.

The participants of the march in Akhalkalak with Armenian and Georgian flags, banners with the words "Open the way of life of Artsakh", "Artsakh, we are by your side", "Artsakh, besieged for 100 days", "The siege of Artsakh leads to genocide" in Armenian and Georgian, first left the youth center, to the city hall, and then to the courtyard of the Holy Cross Church.

In the letter addressed to Samvel Manukyan, Armenian member of the Parliament of Georgia, it is specifically written:

  "There is a humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh. In today's complex geopolitical conditions, when the superpowers are engaged in political trade, for their own interests, even the decision of the International Court in The Hague on February 22 this year is ignored.

Unfortunately, we are confronted with the reality that Azerbaijan generally ignores this decision and the superpowers and international organizations refuse to put pressure on Azerbaijan.

Mr. Manukyan, taking into account the fact that Georgia and Azerbaijan have neighborly relations, we ask you to raise the above-mentioned issue with the government of our country, Georgia, and to the extent possible, so that through negotiations and mediation with Azerbaijan, a humanitarian catastrophe, such as the one in 2021, is avoided in June, when 15 Armenian prisoners of war were released from Baku's prisons thanks to the mediation of Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.