Artsakh residents will receive citizenship of Eastern Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, November 27, 2023 in Society

Those forcibly displaced from Artsakh, who were granted temporary protection refugee status, can apply for citizenship of Eastern Armenia from November 6. This was announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Eastern Armenia, whose passport departments carry out this process.

With this step, the leadership of Eastern Armenia removes the references to Artsakh that are in the passports of Artsakh residents. In particular, the place of birth and registration, such as Stepanakert, Shushi, Hadrut, Berdzor, Karvachar, Askeran, etc., will be replaced by cities located in the illegitimate administrative borders of former Soviet Armenia, such as Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Spitak, Goris, etc. .

The leadership of Eastern Armenia alludes to the fact that the citizens forcibly displaced from Artsakh, having lived in Artsakh for 32 years, were not actually citizens of Armenia. Considering the fact that the concept of "citizenship of Artsakh" did not exist, it becomes clear that according to the logic of the regime, these people were citizens of Azerbaijan.

Artsakh residents will have the same rights after receiving RA citizenship. As for turning to international structures, acting on international platforms, the people of Artsakh could always resort to such actions, but it can be effective if some state takes responsibility for the people of Artsakh. In 2020, Western Armenia assumed that responsibility. In other words, if the citizens of Artsakh receive the citizenship of Eastern Armenia, Armenia bears the responsibility.

In fact, all Armenians born in Artsakh and living in Artsakh are citizens of Western Armenia by birth, because Artsakh is an inseparable part of the Republic of Western Armenia.