At the age of 40, he realized that he was Armenian

  • by Western Armenia, March 09, 2024 in Society

At the age of 40, he realized that he is Armenian. The protest singer Yashar Kurt, who became famous with his song "I'm afraid, mother", started investigations and  at the age of 40 he  realized that he is Armenian.

The "We're Sorry" campaign has been on our agenda for quite some time. It got to the point that the question of whether the former president of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, is Armenian or not was discussed.

Gyul said that his family is Muslim and Turkish, but Janan Aretman, one of the deputies of the Republican People's Party, went to the extreme of tribalism, and suggested that Gyul take a DNA test.

These topics are extra heavy problems for us, but this issue also has its art side, of course, also human standards...

The anti-militarist singer Yashar Kurt, whose refrain "I'm afraid, mother" is remembered in his interview with "Taraf" weekly newspaper, said that he learned about his Armenian identity at the age of 40.

Kurt's grandfather's parents were killed and he was 10 years old at the time.

The grandfather then walked to Rize and found shelter with a family. His later generations also had to live by hiding their identity like him.

Kurt explains the reason as follows. "Because above all it was necessary to survive."

Let's remind that Yashar Kurt is a Turkish rock singer. Born in 1968 in Poland. In 1974-1989, he received elementary, secondary and lyceum education in Istanbul. Known for his anti-militarism stance.