Children of Western Armenia: Aram Stepanyan – Society

  • by Western Armenia, November 02, 2023 in Society

Aram was born on January 4, 1995. He studied at the Military Medical Faculty of the Medical University.

Aram decided on the choice of profession at an early age: he should become a doctor and treat his grandfather's eyes. Then he started studying biology and chemistry. In 2013, he was admitted to the Faculty of Military Medicine of YSUBU. Aram's father's grandfather was also a doctor. Family members were happy when Aram decided to become a doctor. He was drafted into the army in July 2019. During his service, Arami, who studied at the medical university for 6 years, is sent to Yerevan for a 2-month training. Returning to Artsakh, Aram informs his uncle that he will also rise to positions.

In the 9th defense district (Jrakan), Aram served as a platoon instructor, then as a medic, and from September he continued his service in the reconnaissance platoon.

On October 2, 2020, shelling started, there were victims and wounded, an order to retreat was issued. the rifle battalion slowly began to retreat, Aram continued to help the wounded.

Aram was killed on the night of October 2-3, 2020, on the way from Newzgar position in Jrakan to Narinjner position, due to an anti-aircraft missile strike. On the same day, 5 more soldiers from his platoon of 11 people were killed. Aram's body was burned, but it was identified by DNA.

The last time volunteer Poghos Mrjumyan met the 25-year-old doctor at the positions of Jrakan. He was injured when they moved him to the position where doctor Aram was.

According to Poghos, Aram saved his life, bandaged him, gave him pain relief. He remembers that he wrote his name on his forehead and told him to be taken along with several other wounded. Aram repeated his name out loud several times, that he is Dr. Aram from Atrashat. After returning to Armenia, Poghos looked for Aram Stepanyan, before the next operation in the hospital, he accidentally learned the news of Aram's death from the doctors, but he searched and found the Stepanyan family, and told them that Aram was the one who saved his life.

On August 29, 2021, the Stepanyan family was called from the Sevan morgue and informed that the DNA matched. The body of doctor Aram Stepanyan was in the Sevan morgue for ten months, during which time the family searched for Aram among the missing and captives. The family applied to the Red Cross, they submitted a DNA analysis 3 times, but they could not find out any information. Aram Stepanyan was buried on September 2, 2021 in the Yerablur military pantheon. Aram Stepanyan was posthumously awarded the "Combat Service" medal of Artsakh.