Children of Western Armenia: Aram Torosyan

  • by Western Armenia, November 28, 2023 in Society

When the 44-day war in Artsakh began, Aram Torosyan had been a soldier for two months. Aram and newly recruited boys like him made history in the full-scale war started by Baku against Artsakh. Aram's love for Artsakh was noticed when he played football and often visited Artsakh during tournaments. The future doctor fought to the end and believed that Chouchi would not fall.

On September 27, the ill-fated war began. From the first day of the war he participated in hot battles, no one took into account that he was a recruit, he participated in the battles of Hadrut, Varanda, Jrakan, Karintak and Shushi.

The siege remained at Karintak for 23 days. The father knew that Aram was under siege, he called his father and told him that we were under siege for 23 days. The father gave advice through which they were able to break out of the blockade. Then he participated in the battles of Chouchi.

In a conversation with Oragir.News, Taguhi Aristakesyan, the mother of conscript Aram Torosyan, who died during the 44-day war in Artsakh, said that during the war he called every day, there was not a day when he didn't call. ... "I was crying, she said, Dear Aram, be careful, he would say: dear mother, don't cry, and he would laugh. Even in the most difficult situations, he always had a smile on his lips. If you have watched WarGonzo's video about Shushi's 44-day war, you can't help but notice Aram's smile. Russian channels called the video the "Smiling Soldier." Cannons were firing, bombs were falling with a howl and the Armenian soldier smiled widely. His smile in front of the Turkish "bayraktars", specially trained mercenaries and a group of Azeri soldiers said: we are not afraid of death, we will fight for Shushi until the end. last drop of blood and we will win.

Aram Torosyan was wounded twice on the 43rd day of the war, once in the morning and once in the evening. "He talked to us until 11:30 p.m., he always encouraged us, until the end he said we would win, he said: 'Dear mother, we will not give our land to the enemy.' says: you know how many friends I lost, I can't leave and go out.

Aram left his smile in Chouchi, the smile of my son is in captivity, the last breath of my son, the last hours of his life. My son fought and gave his life for Chouchi, but Chouchi is no longer ours.