Children of Western Armenia, Ararat Tevosyan

  • by Western Armenia, October 30, 2023 in Society

Ararat Tevosyan was born in 1990 in the village of Tsor in the Hadrut region. Ararat lived in Russia for many years, returned during the 44 Day War, volunteered and participated in the war, then decided he should serve in the army and went to work as a contract soldier .

He always said that if I don't go there or if someone else doesn't go there, our homeland will be left without soldiers, without border guards.

Having been in the hospital for a few days, he was supposed to stay and continue treatment, but he did not stay, he said: "I have to return to my homeland, the homeland is waiting for me."

On March 25, 2022, following enemy provocations in the eastern border area of Artsakh, including the use of Bayraktar TB-2 attack drones, Ararat was mortally wounded.

Ararat Tevosyan's family moved to the Ararat region. He was the youngest child in the family, he had a brother and a sister. Ararat Tevosyan, 32, was not married.