Children of Western Armenia: Artyom Kolandjian

  • by Western Armenia, November 04, 2023 in Society

Artyom Kolanjian was born on September 22, 1993. Artyom had musical preferences since childhood. He attended the piano section of the music school, but then abandoned it. Later, music became his way of life. At the same time, he worked in the technical department of Public Television.

From 2011 to 2013 Artyom served in Lusakert and then in Talish. Artillery calculator, Senior Sergeant Kolanjyan was the platoon commander, he received letters of thanks and certificates of honor. In 2016 during the four days of April, Artyom volunteered secretly to his family and left. When they returned home, they saw that he was not there, later they learned that he had gone to the front. At that time, Artyom worked as a courier, during the war he and other workers were fired, and then reinstated. After the war, Artyom stayed in Chambarak for another 25 days.

September 22, 2020 was Artyom's birthday. 5 days later, after hearing the news of the war, he took off the military uniform he had received for four days, washed it, and then prepared the remaining "boots" from military service.

He put on his military uniform and army boots and began to pace restlessly around the house. The attempt to go to the front had failed. On September 29, he tried to go voluntarily, but it did not work. On October 3, Artyom went with his mother to see his classmate, who received a referral from the military police station. Before arriving at his friend's house, Artyom received a call, he was told that it was from the military police station. Artyom immediately became a soldier.

He was supposed to report to the military police station at 2 p.m., but he arrived there 30 minutes early. They waited until 8 p.m., but never read Artyom's name. He walked over, wrote his name with a pen so they could read it, then got on the bus to Artsakh. Before leaving, his friends tried to convince him not to go, because he had paid his debt during the four days of the last conflict.

Artyom was first taken to Lusakert for training. His mother Arpine last saw her son on October 12. Three days later, Artyom's name no longer appeared on the list of those who had gone to the front from Lusakert. Friends said he added the name and left.

The family knows that Artyom was taken to the Hadrut region on October 18. The last time he spoke to his mother, he said, "With luck, we'll win." »

Artyom's body was immediately transported to Yerevan, but locals discovered it too late. They spelled the last name wrong. On October 28, one of the forensic doctors recognized Artyom, he had tattoos. The same day, in the morning, mother Arpine went to the Ministry of Defense saying that she had not heard from her son for several days and that they had to try to provide information. When she returned home in the evening, she saw that people were entering her house in groups and she began to understand. “Even though I will be tormented by this pain for the rest of my life, I am sure that my child will not remain a prisoner for even a second.

Artyom Kolanjyan was posthumously awarded the RA Combat Service Medal.