Children of Western Armenia: Erik Gevorgyan

  • by Western Armenia, November 25, 2023 in Society

Lieutenant Eric Armeni Gevorgyan was born in Yerevan on August 2, 1997. He has one sister. He studied and graduated from School No. 97 in Yerevan named Zohrap G. He always stood out for his good behavior and academic progress. Besides school, he also studied programming. He has been actively studying since the eighth grade and then practiced this profession with several organizations and individuals. Alongside school, he practiced gymnastics, boxing and swimming. He had little free time.

He was always on the podium in swimming competitions, mainly at the highest level. He won the "Mayor's Cup" of Gyumri, Neptune Sports School and a number of other RA championships in swimming, he showed excellent results in all swimming exercises.

At the same time, Eric was able to read, he read a lot. After graduation, he was admitted to the physics faculty of YSU free of charge. It was one of his dreams. He also wanted to become a businessman, on September 26 he was supposed to come and take files to the part-time education department of the Academy of Management, but two days ago he was promoted.

He participated in the "I have honor" program, studied at the military university named after Vazgen Sargsyan in parallel with the university and was drafted into the army as a lieutenant. He was the calculation commander of the D-30 howitzers and he was excellent at his job.

During the war, they were still active in combat operations and dedicated to the soldier and his service. From the first day he distinguished himself by his intelligence and during the war he served as senior battery officer. He did the calculations himself, they maintained the weapons themselves. Eric hit the indicated targets with absolute precision, which was not so easy. After receiving the next combat task, when the calculations had already been made, to go alone to pull the cannon rope, he forbade the soldiers to accompany him. After successfully completing the combat mission, while returning to the post, he suffered a head injury and died on October 8, saving the lives of other soldiers through his command.

Eric Gevorgyan receives the Medal of Valor.