Children of Western Armenia: Hakob Yeghiazaryan

  • by Western Armenia, November 29, 2023 in Society

Hakob Yeghiazaryan was born on August 4, 2000 in Yerevan and studied at the law department of the Slavic University. He left for compulsory military service in 2019. He served in the Tsor military unit of the Armenian Army, he was a gunner, platoon commander and operator. He was a reserved, intelligent and hardworking young man, thanks to whom he obtained the rank of junior sergeant. Hakob was a very intelligent and dedicated soldier, he did not like to be late, he always completed the tasks assigned to him clearly and on time, so that no one could reprimand him for failure. He was a very stubborn and indomitable person, he always strived for more, he was not satisfied with what he had, he tried to be the first in everything. He loved reading books.

From the first day of the war, he participated in the battles of Hadrut, Varanda, Akna, Karintak and Shushi.

The commander gave the order to retreat, said that Hakob could go back and be saved, Hakob said to the commander: "If I leave now, how will I look at you and my friends in the eyes ? I won't leave my friends alone. "

After the order to retreat from Karintak, somehow getting out of the encirclement, 8 boys remained from the platoon, they were supposed to retreat towards Stepanakert, but they remained wounded near Shushi, the boys fought until the end, never leaving each other's side, he was killed on the evening of November 7, without obtaining the help he requested from the soldiers.

According to one of the commanders of the troops, Hakob was a very good soldier, he destroyed a large amount of enemy military equipment, and in peacetime he was an exemplary soldier. Unfortunately, all this was said after Hakob's death.