Children of Western Armenia: Hrahat Karapetyan

  • by Western Armenia, October 31, 2023 in Society

Hrahat Karapetyan was born in 1983 in the city of Sisian. After graduating from local school No. 2, he continued his studies at DOSAAF as a driver. Then, in 2001, he was drafted into the Armenian army to serve in Etchmiadzin. After being demobilized, he worked for some time in Shaki's stone workshop, lived in Shaki's settlement for more than 20 years, then went to Russia due to social problems, after working there for 2 years, he returned to his homeland with the aim of staying in his homeland forever. He believed that the homeland is different, it doesn't matter, you remain a stranger in a foreign land, your homeland is what gives you strength. Married to Hasmik Karapetyan and having 3 children.

"Family is a powerful thing," said Hrahat.

Since 2013, he has been in contract military service.

Hrahat was killed during the 44-day war. On October 10, Hrahat's car was blown up near the Red Market. Before leaving, Hrahat told his mother that he has God, don't think about other things, he will definitely come back. However, like many volunteers and soldiers, Hrahat also went to the holy cause of protecting the motherland and unfortunately did not return.