Children of Western Armenia. Paruyr Haroutiounyan

  • by Western Armenia, November 23, 2023 in Society

Paruyr is the younger brother of two sisters. He was very shy, kind, got excited easily.

When there were performances, he was excited on stage. Later, he chose the path of theater, which did not suit his type: Paruyr did not do well at school, although he was incredibly intelligent. And then it was time to make a professional choice. He was in 8th or 9th grade, his friends Norayr and Andranik attended a theater group, Paruyr was also trained with them. He started taking classes and realized he liked it.

  He then received free admission to the directing department of the National Institute of Theater and Cinema. After completing his studies, Paruyr entered military service.

From 2016 to 2018, he served in Hadrut, Artsakh. After being demobilized, since November 2018, he has worked at the Artn television channel as director of the film "Ani's Secret".

From 2019 to 2020, he worked in the company "Bumbumik" as a performer. He wanted to open a kindergarten and always interact with little children. He was distinguished by his intelligence and intellectual abilities.

   When my friends asked me why he continues to work as an interpreter, why he doesn't change careers, his answer was: "can you make 15 children happy at once in 30 minutes?"

Paruyr volunteered to go to the war field. In one of the interviews, the sister said:

"I woke up on September 27, I immediately understood from the news that a war had started. I went to see my brother, I was sure that he had heard the news of the war and that he was going to leave. My father, my grandmother and I were at home, my mother was at work. You don't know why, my brother decided to make us breakfast, he is in this picture in my memories, with a towel on his shoulder, standing by the gas stove.

I approached him and said: “Do you know that this is war? » He smiled, as if to say, "If I don't know, who else will?" » They left home, they worked at the same place as my father, thinking that he should go to work that day, because he had a lot of orders. He had already canceled all orders at work, told us not to say anything, then came home, took the bag with the necessary things and left without saying goodbye to us. He called from the road and said there was a war going on. »

From September 27 to October 14, the family was in contact with Paruyr.

He was in Akna, Jrakan, Hadrut. He became a hero on October 17 in Hadrut.

His sister Tatev said in the same interview:

"We marked this day because he was seen on October 15 and 16. His body was handed over to us after 10 months and four days. The DNA was then confirmed. During these ten months and up to this day , he keeps repeating in dreams that he will return. He had a health problem, but he was saved in the church with the book Narek before leaving for military service. His story is directly linked to this book. When my brother went to war, my mother put Narek on my brother's pillow saying, "Let him keep his book until he returns." Even today, Paruyr says through his dreams that the book has kept him, that he is alive and that he will return.

Through dreams I am also guided to find myself in such places, where when I go I know there are chapels called Narek. He appears in many people's dreams, including people who didn't know my brother. I'm sure we'll get our questions answered one day when the boys come back. In the part of Yérablur where my brother is, the relatives of all the boys are waiting for the return of their sons, the bodies of the boys were returned to their families a few months later."

A book was also written about Paruyr: “The Mad Patriot”. “At the beginning, we talk about the war, and in the last part, there are works written by my brother. He has been writing since 2013. At that time, when we read his works, we did not understand their meaning, now when we read, we understand that everything was written about those days, he understood everything much earlier than us.

Today we live what he wrote in his lines. I gave this book to my friends, they all say that we start our day by reading the book, touching it, so that the day passes successfully. Appearing in the dreams of strangers, giving them the strength to overcome difficult days." Now the signs sent by Paruyr and seeing him in a dream give the family the strength to move forward. Tatev says they would never have thought he could live without Paruyr.