Children of Western Armenia: Vardan Amalyan

  • by Western Armenia, November 30, 2023 in Society

He was born in the image of the soul of his ancestor Mcho Ergr. He was the first child of singer, songwriter Davit Amalyan and singer Armine Amalyan. He inherited the name of his uncle and hero who liberated Shushi, Vardan Stepanyan (Enemy). He is now part of the Immortal Regiment in Erablur, right next to Dushman Vardan.

Vardan's lobby was football and he played quite well. As a teenager, he also practiced swimming, karate, then wrestling – sport was his element. But with all this, from the age of ten Vardan was writing... He was published in children's magazines and even a book was published.

In 2013, Vardan Amalyan's "Mtatsriv" was published in the magazine "Andin", he was only 12 years old. Then, in 2014, in the same "Andi" - "Untitled". In the same year, the children's magazine "Aghbyur" published a new work entitled "The rose that grew in concrete." And in 2016, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the complete book was already printed with all the works available at the time. Vardan only created for 3 years and stopped writing at the age of 15... The stories he wrote are mysterious and powerful, unique stories.

What could push a young man to express philosophical thoughts beyond childhood, to reflect on God's creation, the imperfection of human souls, the spiritual challenges that globalist forces throw at the world, life and death, evil and good?

This original young man, who perhaps should have spoken as a philosopher-theologian, followed the path of his great namesake, became a hero, silently loving the Fatherland.