Children of Western Armenia, Zhora Martirosyan

  • by Western Armenia, November 17, 2023 in Society

Zhora Martirosyan returned to Armenia from Russia to serve. At the start of the war, he was again in Russia to participate in the military exercise “Caucasus-2020”. He arrived in Armenia on the 5th day of the war, October 2, went to the battlefield and died on October 22 in Sanasar.

The hero Zhora Martirosyan was born on June 10, 2001 in Yerevan. He was 15 years old when his family decided to move to the Russian Federation. However, before turning 18, Zhora informed her parents of her decision to return to Armenia and serve in the Armenian army.

Zhora first served in the Armavir military training unit, and after 6 months he was transferred to Sanasar, Kubatlu.