Children of Western Armenia. Zohrab Sargsyan 

  • by Western Armenia, May 15, 2023 in Society

OPERATION “KARIN” was the most important attack against the Turkish government, carried out by the “Khrimyan Hayrik” suicide commando. On August 7, 1982, the historic “Karin” operation once again proved to the world the reality of the Armenian and Turkish struggle… Our heroes dealt a historic blow to the Turkish fascist regime.

Operation “KARIN” was carried out under the leadership of Zohrap Sargisian. 

Zohrap Sargisian took more than 20 people as hostages. During the operation, 9 people died and 82 were injured. The responsibility for the operation was assumed by the Armenian Secret Liberation Army (ASALA). According to eyewitnesses, one of the ASALA militants shouted at the fleeing passengers. “More than one million of our people have been killed, what if twenty-five of you die?”

Zohrap Sargisian was killed during the operation.