Citizens of oblivion: Raymond Berberyan

  • by Western Armenia, January 12, 2024 in Society

If our community acted calmly and thoughtfully, it could change history.

As people, we Armenians have many shortcomings, and have many hereditary advantages.

We are even capable of inventing a flying elephant to travel around the world, but we cannot understand each other.

Each of us was  born with our own flag. Each of us believes that we are the sole inheritors of the profile of our ancestors, and there are millions of profiles like ours  around the world. If our community acted with cynicism, with a cunning and diplomatic hypocrisy, the animal could be controlled and we would not be a diaspora  citizens of oblivion.

I wonder what would happen if the Turkish government officially recognized the genocide committed against the ancient Armenian people and apologized to humanity on its knees for the worst crime of recent times. as befits an ordinary city, to compensate the descendants of the survivors,

My brothers and I would be so disorientated that we would not know whether to give up our Armenian feeling preserved for so long in formaldehyde or to continue to cling to the memories until our last breath. If that happened, our country of origin, which belongs to Turkey, would become Mekka, a permanent tourist pilgrimage site, but no one would return to settle there. We would only be left with a melancholy and sad story, frozen in our eyes.

If the Armenian Diaspora  could erase the ghost of the genocide at least for a short time, they would see the Turks as a people, not for what they are: cannibals, executioners and criminals.

Turkey could have believed that by exterminating the Armenians from their ancient lands, they would gain their respect, but the prediction did not come into true. All they  achieved was to accumulate more hatred and reveal to their  subhuman status to the world.

I am afraid that  my brothers, scattered all over the world, will not like  what I am saying now even from our distant Armenia.

The word origin is not suitable for the descendants of Armenians scattered around the world under already known circumstances. Calling an Armenian by tribe; never; As Armenian people are not a product for sale, like household appliances with the inscription "Made in Armenia". Armenia is a story in itself...

The day when the "Armenian issue " will be finally resolved before the UN by our active diplomatic and intellectual representatives. Each of us, being citizens of Western Armenia, will develop a new feeling towards Yerevan.

 A new city will blossom there that will include all of us who we have been, who we are, and who we will be; This will unite us as we are, citizens of "Armenia". laws and international treaties applicable to us.

Armenia" will remain a sacred word. It will represent all those who fell during the genocide and long before it, it will be a confirmation that they will continue to live in the blood of each of us exiled in diaspora, citizens of oblivion.

Poet of the Stolen Motherland

Raymond Berberyan