Commemoration Events Dedicated to the Anniversary of the Genocide against Armenians in the Czech Republic.

  • by Western Armenia, April 18, 2024 in Society

On the occasion of the genocide against the Armenians, on April 19-27, three different cinemas in Prague will screen Inna Sahakyan's award-winning film "Aurora's Dawn" with English subtitles.

On April 23, a special seminar dedicated to the Armenian Genocide will be held in the Czech Parliament, organized by MP Jirzi Kobza and the "Nairi" Armenian Union of Brno. The title of the seminar is "Genocide committed against Armenians. History and its reactions.'

The program includes a screening of the documentary film "Devastated Armenia" dedicated to Holocaust survivor Aurora Mardiganyan, Czech historian Lukash Lhotan's speech, "Armenian Holocaust. "History and heritage" and historian, artist Ashot Arakelyan's speech on "The issue of Artsakh".

On April 24, flowers will be laid by the Armenian embassy, ​​the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Armenian community at the Armenian khachkar in Prague, and then a commemoration ceremony of the Holy Martyrs of the Genocide against Armenians will take place in the Church of the Holy Spirit. The film "Eternal Anin" shot by the Center for Early Medieval Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Masaryk University in Brno, the creation of which was supported by the Embassy of Armenia in Prague, will also be shown.

On April 24, the movie "Dawn of Aurora" will be shown again at the Svetozor cinema.

On April 25, the Knihovna Hanse Beltinga library in Brno will host Margarita Khakanova's "Armenophobia. Art and marginalization" lecture.

The speaker will specifically address the problem that the Armenian nation was systematically marginalized, its art was presented as clearly inferior, even pagan. Can these situations have parallels in today's world?

Within the framework of the lecture, the speaker will try to show how the events of the end of the 19th century are directly related to the current events in Artsakh, that is, to a situation that is difficult to define in any other way than cultural genocide.