Completely Unofficial” book with Rafael Lemkin’s autobiography published 

  • by Western Armenia, August 01, 2023 in Society

Donna-Lynn-Fritz has prepared the autobiographical notes of Rafael Lemkin, who worked hard for the adoption of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide at the United Nations and co-authored the convention after many years of effort.

 The book, entitled "Completely Unofficial", was published by the Belgian publishing house. Attila Tuygan wrote an introductory article about the book, where he specifically says: "A young man named Soghomon Tehliryan living in Berlin was burning with the fire of revenge as a witness to the genocide. 1921 In March, he managed to approach Talat Pasha from behind, who was taking cover with the Germans, and fired a pistol, saying, "It's for my family." He was immediately arrested by the German police and brought to trial.

Tehliryan's murder of Talat Pasha attracts the attention of Raphael Lemkin, a student at Lviv University. He believed that in this case, the victim should be judged, not the killer. His professor, however, had a different opinion. Referring to state sovereignty, he said that Armenians were Ottoman subjects and that the state could do whatever it wanted, including kill them. "Its job is to kill them. It's not our business. If you interfere, it will be a violation of the law... Therefore, when you interfere in the internal affairs of a country, you violate the sovereignty of that country."

Lemkin is surprised by this statement. "It's a crime for Tehliryan to kill people, but isn't it a crime for a tyrant to kill over a million people? That's a load of crap. "Sovereignty cannot be considered the right to kill millions of innocent people."

Actually, they focused on one point. There was no international law protecting Armenians.

Years passed and the same Lemkin, who also served as a consultant to the U.S. Military Department during World War II,

in addition to being the "father" of the term "genocide", which defines the deliberate and systematic extermination of a population, and pioneer of the concept of "preventing and punishing genocide", became one of the leading international jurists of the 20th century, as the man who single-handedly warned the world community about the problem".