Conference: “On Turkish-Azerbaijani Armenian Hatred.

  • by Western Armenia, June 03, 2024 in Society

A two-day conference was held at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute on "Turkish-Azerbaijani Armenian hatred. with the title "interdisciplinary approaches".

Although different studies have always talked about various manifestations of anti-Arminianism and Armenian hatred, according to Edita Gzoyan, the director of the museum-institute, this is the first time that the subject has been discussed by different scientific disciplines.

Before the start of the conference itself, the history and historical events of Turkish-Azerbaijani violence, genocide and genocidal acts were presented, which range from the violence against the Armenians of Zeytun and the surrounding area in the middle of the 19th century to the genocide that took place in Artsakh in September 2023.

19 reports were made in two days. And after the speeches, there was an exchange of ideas. It was also decided to prepare a bilingual newsletter based on the submitted reports to send to various Armenian and international structures and to show different aspects of turkish-azerbaijani Armenian hatred with specific examples.