Dictator-President Aliyev is not really under pressure. Dutch genocide expert speaks out on the danger of genocide of indigenous Armenians in Artsakh 

  • by Western Armenia, March 17, 2023 in Society

Genocide scholar Dirk Rodzant published an article in one of the most prestigious Dutch newspapers, in which he referred to the illegal blockade of the Berdzor road and drew a connection between the  genocide of Armenians 1915 and the famine of Ukrainians in the Soviet Union under Stalin in 1932-33.

Rodzant points out that "Dictator-President Aliyev is not really under pressure, including from Prime Minister Rutte and many other European leaders who consider gas supplies more important than human rights. 

It is high time that the Netherlands and the rest of the West actively support the indigenous Armenians living in Artsakh, as do organizations such as Amnesty International and the Lemkin Institute for the Prevention of Genocide, which condemn the blockade and see Aliyev's plans. If we want to protect our standards and values in Ukraine, we must also pay attention to the fate of Armenians in the enclave. The consciousness is there, the consciousness remains".

Western Armenia has also registered that the actions in Artsakh are genocidal measures. It is necessary to stop the impending catastrophe through the pressure and restrictions of the international community. We must at all costs exclude the repetition of genocide in our region.