From space, the remains of fortresses can be seen on the slopes of Aragats

  • by Western Armenia, February 23, 2022 in Society

    Remains of cyclopean fortresses have been found at the foot of Aragats and on the adjacent mountain ranges. Today, only the foundations of these ancient fortresses have been preserved, but the most amazing thing is not so much that they are scattered over thousands of meters, but that they are visible from space. 

Therefore, each of them can be seen by the Google Earth program. For the first time, the classification of ancient fortresses on the site of Mount Aragats in the 1920s was made by the famous architect and archaeologist Toros Toramanian. He even attributed the older fortresses to the Neolithic period. Cyclopean fortresses, like the Nazca geoglyphs in Peru, contain many secrets. Among the relatively little studied monuments in the Armenian Highlands are several hundred ancient fortresses, which are commonly called cyclopean. These are the earliest examples of Armenian fortresses.