Gevorg Javakhyan Would Have Turned 23 Years Old  Today

  • by Western Armenia, May 03, 2024 in Society

 Today, Gevorg Javakhyan a son of Western Armenia, would turn 23 years old. Relatives, friends  gathered at the "Yerablur" military pantheon to celebrate the hero's 23rd birthday.

Gevorg Javakhyan was injured on October 24, near the village of Karmir Shuka, Martuni region, but died in the hospital on October 28. 

He was drafted into the army in the summer of 2019. He spent his military service in Ivanyan village and  he was a tank marksman-operator.

Gevorg was from Yerevan. His classmate, Tatev Nazaretyan, was the first to know about his injury, who informed the members of Gevorg's family that the boy was injured.During the war, Gevorg destroys one enemy tank and hits several types of armored vehicles. However, on October 24, an enemy drone found Gevorg's tank and hit it, seriously injuring him. Gevorg remains unconscious in the hospital for several days. On October 28, Gevorg Javakhyan became immortal and, as he wished  made his name loud and audible to everyone.