“He who kills with iron dies with iron.” Raymond Berberyan

  • by Western Armenia, July 28, 2023 in Society

... "By Trabzon, Armenian children were shipped and thrown as waste into the sea. By Van and Tigranakert , the parents, were forced to drill large holes and bury in them their own children, alive... The water wells were already full of corpses... The rivers carried mutilated bodies... and here I stop... a lump in my throat....

Let the civilized world know, in case it is not aware or is wandering as usual in a haze, that this was the preamble to the genocide perpetrated against our Armenia by Turkey!

 The above was just a sample of the Dantesque work of those who today pretend to be equal to the Europeans, an intrusive nation, gathered among Tartars and Mongols that thanks to their numerical strength and their innate savagery took over foreign countries, falling like locusts swept by a broom, murdering their inhabitants by the handful to establish themselves in them.

But what's so strange about all this? Let's not stray too far. The Anglo-Saxons stole a large part of North America from the misnamed Indians and made it their own. Lacking cheap labor for the expansion of their economic interests, they imported Chinese for the railroads and black slaves from Africa to run their plantations. 

In the South of the Continent it was the Spaniards and the Portuguese who decimated the population and appropriated the land, a continent known by its natives as "Surrounded by Waters" and then, then... Her Majesty's pirates who are never lacking and never fail to make a fuss; they took possession of the Falkland Islands and baptized them with improper names. And there they remain, thanks to their heroine "Her great Iron Lady" with Scotch whisky in her veins. In other words, the world is in danger of being invaded as usual by opportunists and Pharisees, today, tomorrow or the day after and every man for himself. Some progressive nations preferred to hoard the wealth of their colonies and withdraw in time, leaving them, of course, submerged in misery. Others were simply expelled with their tails between their legs.

And to us, we... the Armenians, all this touches us very closely by those who already recognized us, from their own wild state and stilted language as "Ermeni" and the land as "Ermenistan", the country of the Armenians. And this is where I am interested in emphasizing:

If our lands were recognized by the invaders as belonging to the Armenian people, it is more than ridiculous to deny our millennial existence on the ground. Someone said, "You may kill my body, but not my will..."

And here we are, we, once again standing up, reclaiming what is ours from a people that not only stole all our wealth, destroyed a large part of our historical relics, eliminated our intellectuality, but also tried to erase our identity.

Those beautiful people who today smile at the West hiding their fangs, years ago massacred a million and a half of our brothers.

Barely one hundred and eight years have passed, but in us, being grandchildren of the survivors of the genocide, although it sounds strange, the desperate moans of those children buried alive, the screams of those others who were thrown into the water until they drowned, reverberate in our ears. We hear the moving cries of the mothers and the screams of those who murdered our relatives without contemplation or mercy.

"He who kills with iron, dies with iron!"

Turkey must not sleep in peace as long as there is an Armenian awake! And Asdvatz Menz-e!

They can tear down all kinds of vestiges that mark us as the absolute owners of Millennial Armenia, but they will not be able to erase the shed blood of our martyrs on their land, nor strip the land of the bones of our ancestors. Let Turkey understand that we, the Diaspora, are the resurrection of our martyrs and it has a score to settle with us that has been pending for years!

Everything comes in due time, even if it was not in the intended way.

Raymond Rupen Berberian

Citizen of my roots Western Armenia