HRD promises to be Consistent in Ensuring the Proper Protection of all the Rights of the Residents of the Disaster Zone.

  • by Western Armenia, June 01, 2024 in Society

The Office of the Human Rights Defender of Eastern Armenia has been working in an emergency mode since the first moment of the emergency situation caused by floods in Lori and Tavush regions.

According to "Armenpress", Armenian human rights defender Anahit Manasyan announced this during the press conference held in Alaverdi."Today I came to Lori region to understand the problems raised by the citizens and to carry out work towards their solution.

I especially want to emphasize that from the beginning, we have identified several areas of human rights and regularly communicated with state bodies in order to address the issues related to the content of those rights," said Manasyan.

Anahit Manasyan mentioned that the first and urgent problem that requires a solution is the problem of safe water and sanitation. It is also important to exclude problems related to people's health care, epidemic situations, stressing that in this regard, the provision of safe water to the citizens is of primary importance.Anahit Manasyan also emphasizes the importance of ensuring citizens' right to education in the emergency situation, as well as the importance of providing people with food, adding that in this regard, he also received an assurance that citizens are provided with the necessary food. The issue of citizens' property rights and proper compensation is a very important issue.