I, the Armenian

  • by Western Armenia, February 26, 2024 in Society

I, the Armenian

Hundreds of years ago, people were named for being the sons of so-and-so; they were recognised for being from this or that region; for their trade or for some family and personal characteristic, but those times are gone forever, even if there are hangovers.

Today everything is governed by legality and the registration of persons. Today I can claim to be a French citizen; I have a DNI or a passport issued by my nation.

Let it be noted that no grandchildren or children of Armenians in exile, survivors of the genocide perpetrated by the Turkish state, are legally recognised as Armenians, except for their affinity with their own community and family.

The dwellers of the former Soviet Union's detached parcel of our Hayastan, recognised by the Eastern Armenian Republic, do possess passports and ID cards that identify them as citizens of our millenary land of Armenia to the world.

To say: "I am Armenian", in Argentina or in Congo, is not valid.

No self-titled Armenian institution and the communities that support them, even if they claim to be Armenian, are illegal; they border on being foreigners.

Armenian community schools, whether in Argentina or in any other nation in the world, that teach "our language" to their students with Armenian roots, are still foreigners exiled around the world. However, having two nationalities would not only not compromise anyone, it would even bring us back to our origins. 

And forgive my boldness, and having vanity oozing out of my pores: I could not hide my happiness and feeling honored because I finally achieved my long-awaited goal, after having rolled my backpack, insisting for forty years before different Ambassadors of the former Soviet Armenian Republic, claiming for a documentation that points out my origins; a paper that identifies me as a son of my ancestral lands, usurped by Turkey.

Today I can proudly say that this document is already in my hands; I am a citizen of the Western Armenian Republic that encompasses the millenary "Hayastan". The roots of my ancestors belong to me again. And it is a reality, not a promise wrapped in imperishable dreams.

Let us keep in mind that "Hayastan": Western Armenia embraces all of us Armenians scattered throughout the world; children and grandchildren of our immortal blood.

Today more than ever, my longed-for dream has taken shape and is vivid and real.

Today we have a voice to join with other brothers and sisters to demand our postponed rights. The more numerous we are, the sooner we will stop the wave that has paralyzed us and cast us adrift.

We have the laws and agreements "in force" signed in our favor. All that is lacking is the support and trust, whatever their political leanings and religious faith, of the world Armenian community. Western Armenia, our Hajastan, must take priority.

This is our last battle to face. Triumph awaits us; it will open the gates of the world and with it, we will have avenged our martyrs and returned to the Tree of Lost Birds.

"Western Armenia is the only structure in Armenia legally able to represent and defend the interests of all the Armenians of the world".

Raymond Rupén Berberian