“I will no longer be afraid of being Armenian

  • by Western Armenia, January 16, 2024 in Society

evrensel.net  reports that Kazem Akses, who earns his living by selling his CDs in Malatya, told 

about his Armenian identity and applied to the court.

Kazem Akses, who did not take the initiative to change his name to Sargis Nersesyan before the death  of Hrant Dink and 3 missionaries, because he was afraid of  that circumstance, now says  that he "will no longer be afraid of being Armenian".

The fact that Kazem Akses, declared  his Armenian identity, and  applied to the court is an important development from the point of view of getting rid of the fear of after the murders. 

In 1963 Akses, who was born in Kurshunlu village of Darende province of Malatya, said that he is Armenian by roots and that he appealed to the court because of Hrant Dink's and the murders that took place in Malatya. Akses noted that he started his musical life after the age of 9, in 2001. He tries to make a living by selling his recorded CD at a self-made stand in the city center.

Akses said that he wants to record his new CD under an Armenian name.