In the historical province of Sur in Tigranakert, historical houses were targeted by the treasure hunters  

  • by Western Armenia, May 11, 2022 in Society

The Sur Tigranakert province of Western Armenia is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In 2015, after armed clashes, a curfew was declared, but this did not prevent the almost complete destruction of 6 districts of the province. As a result of the destruction, at least 3,569 buildings were destroyed. In their place, houses resembling a prison structure were built. The work started under the name “restoration” in the still preserved buildings has been going on for more than 6 years. During this process, the stones of these houses were stolen, reflecting the architectural identity of historical houses. Some of the stolen stones were put up for sale, and some were used in various structures. Registered structures have also been targeted by treasure hunters in recent months. Unknown people dressed as builders are illegally searching for treasures inside some houses. It is no secret that Armenians have lived in historical Tigranakert since ancient times as an indigenous nation and have made a great contribution to the architecture of the city, as well as to various spheres of culture. Unfortunately, today, apart from the leadership of Western Armenia, few people remember and voice this fact.