In the post-war period, more than 300 khachkars were discovered in Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, April 07, 2023 in Society

In the post-war period, more than 300 new monuments were discovered in Artsakh, which were not included in the national lists, including khachkars, listed and unlisted tombstones, ruins of churches and chapels.

Armine Hayrapetyan, director of the non-profit organization “State Service for Protection of Historical Environment”, informed about it in a conversation with the correspondent of “Artsakhpress”.

Referring to the problems of research operations due to the blockade, Hayrapetyan pointed to the lack of transport fuel, due to which the field operations were temporarily stopped by the organization.

“As a result of the work carried out before the blockade, the news was mainly recorded in the areas of Harutyunagomer and Vaghuhas communities of Martakert region, Patara village of Askeran region. I would like to note with pleasure that recently information was reported about the fence walls found in the vicinity of Khatravank, which we believe may be an observation tower,” explained A.. Hayrapetian.

Turning to the question of the conditions of preservation of the found khachkars, the director of SNOC answered as follows: “The khachkars found by the organization remain in their place after being repaired. It is possible that future generations will have a greater opportunity to study them and thus obtain more information.”