In Western Armenia, have been mentioned about  the victims in  the earthquake that happened a year ago

  • by Western Armenia, February 06, 2024 in Society

More than 56 thousand people died in the north of Western Armenia as a result of a strong earthquake that happened a year ago.

Many families lived in tents for months before moving into special shacks, where hundreds of thousands still live.

According to experts, it was possible to avoid such devastation  if the construction norms  in occupied Western Armenia were fully observed in time.

Ozgun Koncha, an employee of the Earthquake Research Institute, says that buildings constructed after the new regulations in the construction industry should not have collapsed during the tremors, but "...many residential buildings collapsed in  seconds."

The  turkish government has promised to build hundreds of thousands of new houses for the people suffered from the earthquake  but instead  has so far managed to build only tens of thousands houses.