Islamized Arrmenians

  • by Western Armenia, March 18, 2024 in Society

Ermeni Varto Ashiret

The genocide committed against the Armenians caused not only 2 million the extermination of Armenians, the forced Islamization of thousands, but also many personal and family tragedies.

The instinct of self-preservation and survival has pushed Armenians to incredible steps.

One of the many examples is the story of the Armenian superstition named "Armeni Varto Ashiret", which managed to survive in the most difficult conditions, and the fact of its existence was not even known for decades.

During the genocide against Armenians, the Armenian Varto tribe living in Jizre province, which was numerous and rich, was also exiled.

On the way, after being attacked, five families of the tribe flee and find refuge in the famous Jude Mountain. One of the families was called "Mala Varto", i.e. "House of Varto".

The tribe that took shelter on the mountain lived isolated from the outside world for about 25 years, not being aware of what happened in Western Armenia and the world in general during those years.

They did not even know that the artificial Republic of Turkey was formed instead of the collapsed Ottoman Empire.

The tribe engaged in animal husbandry and multiplied exclusively through internal marriages.

Almost three decades after the genocide, only the Armenian tribe dared to come down from the mountains and witnessed that their former lands were taken over by the Kurds.