It is the  Anniversary of the Death of Boghos Nubar Pasha, an Outstanding  Social and Political Figure, a Philanthropist and Businessman.

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Boghos Nubar Pasha is an outstanding Armenian public and political figure, great philanthropist and businessman, who for decades  led the Armenian people’s  struggle  for freedom and self-determination.

Today is the anniversary of his death. A personality  who was the son of Egyptian Prime Minister,  Nubar Pasha.

The family was originally from Artsakh.

Boghos Nubar was born on August 2, in 1846 in Constantinople.He was educated in Europe; first in Switzerland, then at the Central School of Paris as a civil engineer.

Having received a professional qualification.

Initially Poghos Nubar works in France. First in the mines as an engineer, then  in the railways, where he practiced several of his innovations. Then Poghos Nubar moves to Egypt and due to his father’s high position holds responsible positions there. First he was  the General Director of Egyptian Railways, then  became the director of the English Agricultural Society in Alexandria.

However, the field of occupation  of Boghos Nubar was not limited to that.

However, the field of work of Poghos Nubar was not limited to that. He was the initiator and head of several large enterprises in Egypt.

Unfortunately, few people know  that  Boghos Nubar  was also an inventor.   Back in 1900, he was awarded by the Gold Medal Award and the French highest Chevalier’s  (Knight’s) Cross of the Legion of Honor at the Paris International Exhibition for the mechanical plough that (tractor) he created.

The great Armenian later won several more European awards for his inventions. In particular, in 1906, he won a gold medal at the Milan exhibition, and in different years received state awards from the governments of Egypt and Belgium.

Apart from being a political scientist, Boghos Nubar is also known as a great philanthropist.

In 1906, Boghos Nubar  at the suggestion of Armenian intellectual Yervand Aghaton,  founded the “Armenian General Benevolent Union”.

In fact, it is the best nationalist structure of the Armenian reality that has ever existed.

Charity has a history of thousands of years in Armenian reality.

The goal of this initiative of Boghos Nubar is to settle the issues on  pan-Armenian problems, and to solve them together. It should also be noted that the Armenian Charitable General Union is the first pan-Armenian structure in Armenian history.

Boghos Nubar was so dear to the Armenian nation that they honored him with the name “Pasha”.

  • Back in 1912, in order to protect the interests of Armenians in Western Armenian

A  National Delegation is formed at the initiative of Catholicos of  All-Armenians,  Gevorg E. Surenyants, a political representative  body who aim at the protection of the rights of  Armenians. Poghos Nubar is appointed the  head of the national delegation.

And he started the initiation.

In all international diplomatic assemblies before and after the First World War, the National Delegation led by Poghos Nubar actively defends the interests of Armenians…

The Great Benefactor and Great Armenian passed away on July 26, 1930.