Let’s get acquainted with Western Armenia – the city of Akn

  • by Western Armenia, April 07, 2022 in Society

    According to legend, after the destruction of Ani, some of its inhabitants came here and, meeting a cold-blooded spring, founded a new city called Akn. In 1300-1321, Armenians who emigrated here from Ani founded their own district with St. Hakob  church. In ancient times, Akn was part of the second Hayk province of Lesser Armenia. In Modern times, it sometimes entered Karin, sometimes Kharberd, and sometimes Sebastia. At the beginning of the XIV century, the Akn city was captured by the Turks. 

On September 3-4 in 1896, Turkish bandits attacked Akn, and Kurds attacked the surrounding Armenian villages, killed residents, robbed and burned houses. In the next two decades, Armenians rebuilt the city, and life in Akn revived again. In the massacre, the Akn and surrounding villages were devastated by Armenians, most of whom soon became victims on the migration path. According to the data for 1929, only 41 Armenian residents remained in Akn city.