May 19 is the day of commemoration of the victims of the genocide committed against the Greeks

  • by Western Armenia, May 20, 2023 in Society

The genocide of the Greeks of Pontus was the last part of the genocides committed against the indigenous peoples and Christians, which began in 1894 with the massacres of the Armenians by Abdulhamid II and continued in the following years by the Committee of Union and Progress, resulting in the death of 1.5 million Armenians and about 300 thousand Assyrians.

The genocide of the Greeks in Asia Minor and Pontus was planned in advance by the Young Turk authorities and carried out simultaneously with the  genocide against Armenians. During the 1916-1923 genocide of the Pontus Greeks, more than 353,000 indigenous Pontus Greeks were massacred and tens of thousands of children and women were converted to Islam.

Not only is there no mention of these genocides in the Turkish state, but hate speech and anti-Christian policies continue to deepen and are used more frequently by political leaders.