Messages of an Unbreakable Revolutionary

  • by Western Armenia, February 16, 2024 in Society

Karpis Altnoglu is one of the legendary figures of the revolutionary movement of Turkey, especially because of his steadfastness in the face of inhuman torture.

Recently, a two-volume collection of his newsletter articles titled "Diary of the Internal War" was published from the "Favor" publishing house.

Altenoglu was born in 1946 in Amasia. He graduated from Bogazici University and was included in various political organizations during those years.

During his political activities, he was arrested many times, severely tortured and imprisoned.

The details of that period of torture became public with the confessions of a former police officer.

In 1986, police officer Sedat Janer told the "Nokta" periodical about the severe torture he was subjected to, but he did not tell the police any secrets.

The "Diary of the Internal War" covers the details of an underground struggle with its content, where many intra-party conspiracies occupy a large place.

These very important testimonies presented to the reader by the editorial work by  Yeldiz Aydin should be meaningful and instructive especially for the rank of that faction.

Indeed, many lives were mercilessly lost due to the misbehavior of irresponsible and ignorant officials. A phenomenon whose repetitions, unfortunately, are staged even today on various occasions and often cause the question "why?"

After his imprisonment, Karpis Altenoglu settled in Bekgia and remained interesting for the political side of Turkey forever.

Of course, some of the articles in the book also belong to the Antwerp years.

He died on October 14, 2019 in Antwerp