News from Javakhk

  • by Western Armenia, December 05, 2023 in Society

1.Chunchkha and Ptena were among the villages of Javakhk municipality where there was no natural gas

Residents complained for a long time, finally this year the problem was solved, both villages were supplied with gas.

The villagers are satisfied, several families have already managed to install a central heating system.

If there are problems related to natural gas in the village, the villagers should contact Akhaltsikhe, but as the village head mentioned, there is no need to go to Akhaltsikhe, they call and the employees come themselves.

It should be noted that the residents of the above-mentioned two villages considered the lack of natural gas to be the main problem of their village for years.

2. Dadesh sportsmen returned from Eastern Armenia with victory

On December 1-2, an international k1 kickboxing tournament was held in Eastern Armenia, in which athletes from Dadesh village of Javakhk municipality took part. They are back, taking honorable positions

5 athletes took part in the tournament, three of them took the first place and two took the second place.

They won the first position.

Albert Harutyunyan in the 16-17 age group, 51 kg weight class

- Andranik Tumasyan in the 13-year-old group, in the 40 kg weight class

- Zohrab Harutyunyan, who defeated his opponent by knockout, in the 12-year-old group, in the 35 kg weight class.

They had a professional fight, each fight consisted of three rounds, duration: 3 minutes.

They won the second position.

- Andranik Simonyan in the 30 kg weight category, in the 11-year-old group

- Lyova Mshetsyan in the 36 kg weight category, in the 13-year-old group.

It should be noted that their coach is Andranik Abelyan.