News from Javakhk

  • by Western Armenia, February 05, 2024 in Society

1. Inspection of Javakhk municipality took place. As a result of the inspection, deficiencies were found in various areas, including those related to the quality of water supply.

The state audit report contains a separate item "On the provision of utility services", which specifically states:

"The municipality has a problem with water supply to the population, drinking water is supplied to part of the population in a non-centralized way, and the supplied water is not purified.

Therefore, the activity of the municipality in the direction of ensuring the quality of water supply and drinking water to the population is not sufficient," the conclusion states.

2.  An exhibition of cartoons took place in Javakhin in the "Key of Time" animation studio. 

Mother Mariam, one of the teachers of the studio, presented the history of the studio's creation and talked about the children's works. And the children themselves presented their works in two languages: Georgian and Armenian, and briefly introduced themselves to the audience.

6 animations were shown to the audience.

1."Sun": Marta Melikidze

2.Christmas in Akhalkalaki" by Tamar Kasrashvili

3."Brothers" by Ioane Melikidze

4."Se La Vie" by Nino Melikidze

5.Christmas Eve" by Tamar Melikidze

6."Lullaby" - Mother Esther