News from Javakhk

  • by Western Armenia, April 30, 2024 in Society

1. 40 surveillance cameras will be installed in Javakh.

New cameras will appear not only in Javakhk, but also in villages.

In order to ensure security, the municipality of Javakhk announced an electronic tender worth 24,070 GEL for the purchase and installation of 40 cameras.

The tender for purchase and installation was announced on April 8 and ended on April 16. The cameras must be installed within 40 calendar days of signing the contract.

2.The potato sowing season has started in Javakhk.

Some farmers, due to the unsuccessful sale of last year's crop, have reduced their potato fields this year.

Enok Babajanyan from Murjakhet village reduced his potato planting area by 1 hectare.

In 2023, 10,918 hectares of potatoes were sown in Javakhk, and 223,148 tons of crops were obtained. In 2023, compared to 2022, the potato sowing areas increased.

In 2022, 10,775 ha of land were sown, and 169,120 tons of harvest was obtained. Data on how these statistics will change in 2024 will only be collected at the end of the year or early 2025.