On the Eve of Independence Day

  • by Western Armenia, January 10, 2024 in Society

On the territory of Western Armenia, the state of Armenia was de facto recognized on January 19, 1920, and  January 19 was  established as the Day of Independence  of Western Armenia.

 Prior to the Independence Day, some important facts about the Republic of Western Armenia.

After the recognition of the Armenian state in 1920 and long-term violations  the structure of the state of Western Armenia was formed on the basis of the 2004 declaration stated on  the right of self-determination of the Armenians of Western Armenia in Shushi.

Western Armenia includes  all the institutional structures in the scope of  the state: presidency, government, parliament, constitution, anthem and coat of arms. Representatives of Western Armenia assembled around a mission to protect the rights of the Armenian people of Western Armenia.

Artsakh and Nakhichevan are part of the Republic of Western Armenia. Western Armenia makes activities in international organizations to protect the rights of the indigenous Armenian people.

Western Armenia  has diplomatic relations  with other states.