On the question of the Armenians of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, November 15, 2023 in Society

According to the Paris Peace Assembly, the complete material loss of Armenians in 1914-1919 at 1919 prices amounted to 19,130,982,000 French francs or 3,693,239,768 US dollars. The commission also found out which part of Armenia suffered exactly what losses. And so, the individual material loss of rural Armenians of Western Armenia was 4,601,610,000 francs, the individual loss of urban residents was 3,235,550,000 francs, and the non-individual material losses were 6,761,350,000 francs. The material losses suffered by Armenians in Eastern Armenia and other Armenian-inhabited areas of the Caucasus, the losses of displaced Armenians from their permanent residences are 1,831,872,000 francs, the losses of non-displaced Armenians are 1,293,600,000 francs, and other material losses are 1,407,000,000 francs. These figures do not include the material losses suffered by Armenians from 1894 to 1914 and from 1918 to the present day. If the losses of the mentioned period are also taken into account, then the above-mentioned number should be increased by at least 15-20%. Naturally, speaking about the genocide against the Armenians, we first of all, and almost exclusively, emphasized the human losses of the Armenian people.

However, during the years of the genocide, the Armenian people also suffered huge material losses. It is indisputable that one of the derivative goals of the genocide was the usurpation of the individual and collective property of the Armenian people. International law declares that the criminal should not enjoy the fruits of his crime.