On the question of the Armenians of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, December 02, 2023 in Society

Simon Vratsyan writes that Teryan and Shahumyan were well aware of the situation in Turkish Armenia and understood that "the only condition for the security and self-determination of Armenia was the presence of the Russian army at that time, until the end of war and a normal state", was established." However, for the Bolshevik government, the world revolution and friendly relations with Muslim peoples were more important: "Keeping the Russian army in Turkish Armenia would have meant completing an unpleasant task for the Turks, while, as we will see later, Turkey and "The Islamic world was of great importance to the Bolsheviks, and the Bolsheviks were already negotiating. They were with the Turks,” Vratsyan wrote.

The decree "On Turkish Armenia" does not change anything in the life of the Armenian people: the decree The Brest-Litovsk negotiations failed and the Turks went on the offensive, occupying the Armenian villages of Armenia one after the other Western. The Bolsheviks, and later also Soviet historiography, accuse the Germans of the non-implementation of the decree "On Turkish Armenia", noting that because of them it was not possible to achieve the peace and the war continued.

In fact, we clearly understood that Simon Vratsyan was looking for pretexts so that the National Council of Tiflis would not send any Armenian troops to defend General Antranik on the Western Armenian front. We have experienced equivalence in Artsakh since 2020 except that Western Armenia was officially recognized as a state.