Residents of Artsakh Kolatak firmly live in their native lands

  • by Western Armenia, February 26, 2022 in Society

    Residents of the Kolatak community of the Martakert region of Artsakh firmly live and create on their native land. This was announced by the head of the Kolatak community Seyran Avanesyan. According to him, the main occupation of the villagers is agriculture  and cattle breeding. "The village has 345 inhabitants. After the war, twelve houses were repaired from the free housing stock and provided to our deported compatriots. 69 students study and are brought up in the patriotic spirit at the school. There is a municipality, a medical center, a hall of celebrations here," the headman presented, noting as a problem the disappointing state of intro-communal roads. According to him, the village is provided with electricity, water supply, but not gasified.