“Russian peacekeepers  did not allow the research groups  to enter  Shoshi”

  • by Western Armenia, January 12, 2024 in Society

In a conversation with MediaHub, the head of the Shoshi community of Artsakh, Erik Abrahamyan, told details on September 19 attack from  Baku and the evacuation of the population of the village.

We present a part of the incident. 

"In the evening, Russian peacekeepers came by armored personnel carrier. And he asked, why  they  had n come  by bus, as  people have to leave, the situation was getting worse ,  the answer was not satisfactory: answering that they were going,  and he had to  follow them". And Erik asked how can they  imagine, when the question was  about people, there were  children, elderly people, pregnant women, how will 600 people walk so long ? He called the head of their headquarters and handed the phone over him. He said in a commanding tone: "Either surrender the weapons you have,and  obey our orders, or the responsibility of  the fate of these  people is on you."

,,I didn't know how we would   help our friends  if we handed  over the weapons  ," Erik Abrahamyan recalled.

Anyway, the decision was difficult, because the Azerbaijans were already close to Shosh's houses and were shooting everywhere, they were burning the apartments in the suburbs, and the residents had to be protected. The village was evacuated. The peacekeepers escorted the Shosh people to their checkpoint.

At night, when we arrived in Stepanakert, we realized that 3 people are missing, they were old people, they stayed in the village due to the inattention of their relatives, The next day we found out that 4 people were absent. After the ceasefire, I started to participate in the search operations with the rescuers. The Russian peacekeepers, knowing that there are elderly survivors in the village yet  did not allow the search teams to enter Shosh for several days," said Erik Abrahamyan.