Sebastasi Murad. “People, take up arms to save yourself, there is no other way to save yourself”

  • by Western Armenia, March 10, 2023 in Society

Sebastatsi  Murad (Murad Khrimyan) is one of the main figures of the national liberation struggle. On the evening of March 15, 1915, three policemen came to Murad's house and delivered Ali Bey's note with an order to appear in an urgent case. Murad fled to the mountains with his brother, his nephew and several friends. 

His odyssey begins with self-defense battles, sickness, hunger, forests full of traitors, loss of friends and massacred caravans. Murad and his boys capture a Turkish fishing boat and head for Batumi. He writes a diary about the whole journey. Based on the stories of Murad's sister, Srbuhu's comrade-in-arms Vardan Shahbaz and others, as well as Murad's diary, Zapel Yesayan wrote "Murat's Journey" and published it in 1918 in issues 4-8 of the Baku magazine "Gorts". 

In 1921 it was published in a separate booklet in Boston, it was not published in Armenia until 1990.

Sebastasi Murad was one of the participants of the movement "One Armenian, One Golden Coin" and saved many children. He searched for his family for a long time, but did not find them. From July 31 to August 5, 1918, Armenians fought powerful battles in Baku, in which Murad also participated. On August 4, he was killed in one of them.