Sights of Western Armenia: an ancient city Meya

  • by Western Armenia, March 02, 2022 in Society

    Built in the Diyadin province of the Agra province of Western Armenia, the ancient city of Meya and its thousand-year-old gorges, which are called fairy chimneys attract with their beautiful and unique views in all seasons of the year, and now they have become even more beautiful under a layer of snow. 

After three unsuccessful attacks and, especially, after the last defeat, the Turkish authorities changed their tactics, deciding to take the mountain under siege. It still contains traces of history, where places of worship, living quarters and numerous caves are still preserved. 

Tourists visit the city of Meya especially in summer. Here, the chimneys formed as a result of erosion attract the most attention, resembling various ornaments and structures formed in the rocks, engraved in the rocks. 

Dear compatriots, citizens of Western Armenia, if you want to see another miracle of nature, you can visit this place in your historical homeland and see it all closer.