Sons of Wester Armenia – Gevorg Kulijanyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 09, 2023 in Society

Gevorg  Kulijanyan was born on May 23, 2002, in Horatagh village of Martakert. He is one of the immortal heroes of 44-day war. Gevorg was orphaned on both sides, and  lived with his aunt and grandmother in Tsaghkunk village of Etchmiadzin.

He liked to walk wherever he went, and  he liked to have everything on his own.

Teachers and friends say that he was a very friendly and kind boy, willing to help everyone.

Gevorg tried his hand at various fields, attended chess, but as  he liked active life, he started playing sports.

Has achieved many successes in sports,took mostly 1st or 2nd positions.

Before leaving for the service, he was already awarded by the rank of junior sergeant by the Union of Earth Guard Volunteers.

He went to serve  on July 9, 2020 in one of the military units of the Martuni region of Artsakh, then moved to Haykazov.

He had been a servant for a few months when he enlisted in the war. He reassured his relatives that everything was fine, that they were new recruits and did not participate in the war. But Gevorg was an artilleryman.

The last time when  he spoke to his aunt was on October 31, and he specially  turned off the phone so that she would not hear the sound of the shots, because he did not say that he  was  also participating in the war.

According to Virab, Gevorg's closest friend, he called him and said that they were going to Shushi, and he might not call for a few days, and asked his friends to  go and chop wood for their house, there was not enough wood  for the winter.

On November 2, Gevorg was immortalized by an artillery shell during the stubborn battles for Shushi.

After Gevorg's death, a tree named after Gevorg was planted in "Haverzhneri Purak" emorial under number 305. Gevorg Kulijanyan was posthumously awarded by the medal of  "Martakan Tsarayutyun”.