Sons of Western Armenia – Artur Aghasyan  

  • by Western Armenia, December 11, 2023 in Society

On the night of April 2, the pre-offensive operations unleashed by the special forces of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces were prevented and defeated by ordinary soldiers. One of them is Artur Aghasyan, the captain of the combat position located in the north of Artsakh, in the direction of Talish, due to his organized actions, as a result of a hard battle, the enemy's "Yashma" special forces escaped from the position after being defeated, and among  the boys taking turns in the position had only one wounded.

19-year-old Artur Aghasyan his

for his bravery was awarded by the "Combat Cross" medal of 2nd degree.

In one of the positions located in the north of Artsakh, today's hero told the journalists how they met and pushed back the special forces of  Baku. 

“It is  my third shift at the position during the April war. During the shift on April 1, one of our friends was killed by an enemy’s sniper's bullet.

They were shooting in the evening as well, we thought it was  another game typical to them. but soon we realized that the enemy would not be silent this time. We  started shooting by  mortars.At night, from 03:45, they shelled our front line for an hour.Several units of artillery were working at the same time.

I was  the captain of the position.So  I took the boys down to take shelter in a safer place.

The enemy started shelling the  area. it was impossible to go left or right.

In the meantime, they had cleared our minefield to advance.They fell silent at 04:45. All personnel at our position were in accommodation. The guard on duty at the door from inside said he heard voices. I came out. A subversive group of about 30 people, "Yashma" special brutality squads, who were about 40 years old, were in our position, coming from the direction of the shelter.

During the shelling that lasted for an hour, they fired up to 220 shells in our direction, then they raised a drone, they saw that there was no one in the position and thought that we either escaped or died.Singing, whistling, they came forward, some of them were probably under the influence of something.

The revenge of our fallen friend hours ago was still fresh. At that moment we realized that the time of retribution has come, we will have to pay the debt of our fallen friend.

One of them ran forward to throw a grenade at the shelter, I threw the grenade at him from the window.

They managed to cut the wire of the "carpet", we could not call and warn that a subversive group had entered, we started acting independently.

We fought with the special forces for more than twenty minutes. There was great confusion among them when the commander of the group was wounded. Then the panic spread, seeing that they had many victims and wounded, they started to run away.

They gave a red "rope", which meant that they failed, some of them died, the other part ran away without managing to carry the bodies of the victims. We destroyed most of them with grenades, very brutally, as they did to our other boys, so did we. We are still in the position we were in on April 2.

We had only one wounded from our position, Harutyun Badalyan, who continued the fight even after being wounded. The other day, he was awarded the "Combat Cross" 2nd degree. The other guys in the position received the Medal of Valor.

This war taught us a lot. We have all waited for the moment of retribution, when it comes, and you are able to avenge your friend, when you keep your location , which has always been yours, with a clear conscience you put down your weapon, waiting with greater responsibility and vigilance for the moment to pick it up again and continue your work.